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Dr. Eugene Azuma, DDS

NightLase® Laser Treatment Honolulu HI

Experience Excellence in Nightlase Laser Sleep Apnea Treatment with Dr. Eugene Azuma, Honolulu's Premier Dental Sleep Medicine Specialist

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Breathing is fundamental; any disruption affects your health and well-being.

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Sleep quality is essential; peaceful sleep influences your overall well-being.

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Enhanced breathing and quality sleep boost well-being and health.

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Improved breathing and sleep lead to a life of vitality and fulfillment.

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The Problem

Opening the Airway

Millions of Americans suffer with the challenges of sleep apnea and snoring. If you’re one of them, consider exploring oral appliance therapy. But there’s even more good news – you might qualify for an additional treatment option: NightLase laser treatment.

This noninvasive procedure effectively widens your airway, reducing snoring and minimizing the risk of apneas (breathing pauses). Discover the innovative sleep apnea treatment below, offered by Dr. Azuma.

The Problem May Not Be What You Think It Is..

What is NightLase laser therapy?

NightLase laser treatment is a noninvasive solution for snoring and sleep apnea. This procedure uses laser technology to tighten throat tissues, improving airflow and reducing snoring vibrations. It's painless, quick, and requires no downtime, offering effective relief from sleep disruptions.

NightLase treatment uses a specialized laser to gently heat throat tissues, stimulating collagen production. This tightening effect opens the airway, reducing apneas and improving sleep quality, energy levels, and overall well-being.

NightLase laser therapy

What To Expect With Nightlase Treatment

If Dr. Azuma determines you're a suitable candidate for NightLase, expect a comfortable experience. During the procedure, you'll feel a warm, tingling sensation in your throat, akin to a fine mist of hot water.

There's no downtime post-procedure, with minimal side effects; some may experience a mild sore throat. In most cases, patients notice immediate improvements after their first NightLase treatment. For optimal results, Dr. Azuma may suggest multiple sessions.

nightlase laser treatment, Dr. Eugene Azuma DDS the best Dentist Honolulu HI
NightLase laser therapy

What Results Can I Expect From Nightlase?

Consider these key points about NightLase treatment:

  • Results typically endure for several months to a year, but if snoring worsens, consult Dr. Azuma for another session.
  • NightLase complements traditional sleep apnea treatments. It often reduces snoring and enhances sleep quality, but it’s not a sleep apnea cure. An oral appliance may still be necessary.
  • Ongoing monitoring is crucial. For optimal sleep quality, remain attentive to your sleep patterns and stay in touch with us. We’re dedicated to ensuring your best sleep experience!
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NightLase laser therapy

Who's a Candidate For Nightlase?

NightLase treatment is suitable for most patients dealing with snoring or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It can be particularly beneficial for those who have been advised to use a CPAP machine instead of an oral appliance due to the severity of their OSA. In many cases, NightLase can reduce the condition’s severity, making an oral appliance a viable option.

However, candidacy for NightLase is determined by the specific anatomical factors contributing to sleep apnea. While it effectively tightens throat tissues, it may not address issues caused by a large tongue, for instance. Dr. Azuma will conduct a comprehensive oral examination to recommend the best sleep apnea treatment based on your unique needs.

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What is NightLase laser therapy, and how does it work?

NightLase laser treatment is a noninvasive laser treatment that tightens throat tissues, reducing snoring and sleep apnea risks.

How long do the results of NightLase laser therapy typically last?

NightLase results generally last several months to a year, but may vary depending on individual factors.

Can NightLase replace traditional sleep apnea treatments?

NightLase laser treatment reduces snoring and improves sleep quality but doesn’t replace CPAP or oral appliances for severe sleep apnea.

Is NightLase laser a suitable treatment for snoring and sleep apnea?

NightLase laser treatment is effective for many patients, especially those with mild to moderate sleep apnea or snoring.

What can I expect during a NightLase laser treatment session?

NightLase laser treatment is comfortable, with a warm, tingling sensation in the throat. No downtime is required.

Who qualifies for NightLase laser therapy, and how can I determine my candidacy?

Many snoring and sleep apnea patients qualify for NightLase; candidacy depends on individual anatomical factors assessed by Dr. Azuma.

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