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Dr. Eugene Azuma, DDS

Sleep Apnea Treatment Honolulu HI

Experience Excellence in Sleep Apnea Treatment with Dr. Eugene Azuma, Honolulu's Premier Dental Sleep Medicine Specialist

Breathe Better

Breathing is fundamental; any disruption affects your health and well-being.

Sleep Better

Sleep quality is essential; peaceful sleep influences your overall well-being.

Feel Better

Enhanced breathing and quality sleep boost well-being and health.

Live Better

Improved breathing and sleep lead to a life of vitality and fulfillment.

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The Problem

Solving CPAP Problems

Dr. Eugene Azuma in Honolulu, HI, offers a non-invasive solution for sleep apnea, eliminating the need for a CPAP machine. This innovative approach can transform your sleep and overall well-being.

Struggling with sleep apnea? Dr. Azuma provides a more comfortable way to treat sleep apnea through oral appliance therapy. You deserve to explore this life-changing treatment option. Don’t hesitate, schedule your appointment today!

The Problem May Not Be What You Think It Is..

Signs & Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

  • Mouth Breathing
  • Nightmares And Restless Sleep
  • Chronic Allergies
  • Bedwetting
  • Swollen Tonsils Or Adenoids
  • Irritability
The Alternative

A Comfortable Alternative To CPAP

Are you struggling with your sleep apnea treatment? Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines, while effective in keeping airways open, can pose challenges due to uncomfortable masks, dry mouth, and sleep disturbances.

Taking proactive steps early on is crucial for preventing sleep apnea and achieving lasting health improvements. CPAP, while effective in keeping airways open, often requires lifelong use and doesn't address the root issue. At our practice, we specialize in tailored alternatives to CPAP, providing personalized sleep solutions for a brighter, healthier future.

vivos sleep apnea treatment and oral appliance honolulu hi
Oral Appliance Therapy

The Better Sleep Apnea Treatment

The best sleep apnea treatment oral appliance provides a simple yet effective approach for treating most cases, excluding severe instances. Resembling a conventional retainer, this device not only promotes proper bone development but also plays a pivotal role in expanding the jaws, reducing airway constriction.

By correctly aligning the jaw and addressing sleep apnea’s root cause, it significantly increases your prospects for improvement. So, when considering CPAP vs oral appliance, get with Dr. Azuma to find the best choice for you.

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The Vivos Treatment

Breathe better. Sleep better. Feel better.

Join more than 27,000 sleep apnea treatment patients worldwide who have used The Vivos sleep apnea treatment

Get relief from obstructive sleep apnea

Without CPAP
Without surgical implants

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Other Sleep Apnea Treatments

Sleep apnea doesn’t just disrupt your sleep; it can significantly impact your overall health. Thankfully, medical advancements have introduced several innovative treatments:

  • NightLase therapy uses a non-invasive laser to tighten the throat’s tissues, enhancing your airway’s openness without discomfort.
  • Solea laser targets the soft palate with a precise laser, reducing snoring and sleep apnea symptoms.
  • Inspire Sleep vs Vivos is a solution involving a tiny device surgically implanted under the skin to keep your airway open.
  • Oral Appliances offer a comfortable, effective solution for uninterrupted sleep by keeping airways open.

These modern treatments provide effective alternatives to traditional methods, catering to various preferences and needs.

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We Treat More Than Just The Symptoms

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How Our Sleep Treatment Can Help


Frequent Snoring: A Common Sign of Sleep Apnea

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Pediatric Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea, characterized by interrupted breathing during sleep, can impact health throughout one’s life.

Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing often goes unnoticed, but it can be a less recognized symptom of sleep apnea.


Bedwetting is a symptom that sometimes flies under the radar, yet it can serve as a lesser-known indicator of underlying airway issues.


ADD/ADHD may have connections to sleep apnea and breathing disorders, sometimes leading to misdiagnosis and inappropriate medication treatments.

Allergies and Asthma

Allergies and asthma have potential links to sleep apnea, which can sometimes lead to misdiagnosis and suboptimal treatment strategies.

Getting started is as easy as…

FREE Guide "How To Stop Snoring"

Sleep Apnea

How many people have sleep apnea?

1 in 5 adults have mild OSA
1 in 15 have moderate to severe OSA
9% of middle-aged women and 25% of middle-aged men suffer from OSA

Should snoring be ignored?

Snoring is not merely a loud and bothersome noise; it can serve as an important indicator of a Sleep Breathing Disorder (SBD) that should not be taken lightly. It is estimated that around 42 million Americans are affected by SBDs.

One of the most prevalent types of SBD is Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a medical condition in which the tongue and soft tissues obstruct the airway, preventing proper airflow into the lungs. Recognizing the potential seriousness of SBDs is crucial for prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment. If you think sleep apnea might be a problem, it’s important, it’s important to get tested for sleep apnea as soon as possible.

What is sleep apnea's impact on my health?

  • Mild OSA is found in 70% of heart attack patients.
  • Sleep Apnea affects 86% of obese individuals with type 2 Diabetes.
  • Hypertension is present in 43% of patients with mild OSA.
  • Sleep Apnea is experienced by 48% of individuals with type 2 Diabetes.
  • Drowsy driving causes around 100,000 car accidents annually.
  • Individuals with Sleep Apnea are at a 4 times higher risk of stroke.
  • Untreated Sleep Apnea can lead to memory problems, weight gain, impotence, and headaches.
  • Over 20 years, untreated OSA can reduce survivability by 30% or more.
  • Drowsy driving results in 100,000 car accidents, 40,000 injuries, and 1,550 deaths yearly.
  • Approximately 38,000 deaths each year are associated with Sleep Apnea-related cardiovascular problems, including high blood pressure, hypertension, and stroke.

Can sleep apnea be cured?

A sleep doctor would say that sleep apnea usually can’t be fully cured, especially for severe cases. It’s something people manage over time, not get rid of completely.

The Vivos treatment is a newer way to help with sleep apnea. It’s not like the CPAP machine that you use every night. Instead, Vivos works on changing the shape of your mouth and airway slowly. This can make your sleep apnea better or even go away for some people.

It’s a hopeful option for those looking for something other than nightly machines or surgery, offering a chance at long-lasting improvement.

Is sleep apnea treatment covered by insurance?

Many insurance plans cover sleep apnea treatment, including CPAP and oral appliances, but coverage can vary. Check with your provider.

What qualifies a Dentist to treat sleep apnea?

Our Dentist is not just your regular dentists—he is highly qualified and ready to take on the challenge of multidisciplinary care for patients with sleep-related breathing disorders. They hold a current dental licenses, but that’s not all! They have also received special training in Airway and Dental Sleep Medicine.

So rest assured, you’re in great hands with our experienced team of dental sleep medicine experts. Let’s get started on your journey to better sleep and improved breathing!

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