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Sleep apnea oral appliance might be just what you need.

Do you hit the pillow beat, only to wake up feeling just as drained? It could be sleep apnea sneakily choking the life out of your nights.

Left unchecked, then it destroys your sleep quality and health over time. But custom-fit oral appliances are a simple, comfortable solution to finally get your nights back on track.

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You Deserve Better Than Blackout Sleep

You drag through the daily grind fueled by coffee just to function. Crawling into bed is sweet relief, but you still wake up groggy. So what gives, right?

The cause is likely sleep apnea, a common disorder messing with over 22 million Americans. It makes the muscles in your throat relax and block your airway while you sleep. This chokes off oxygen until you gasp awake and inhale again.

Most people have zero clue this is going down since the mini-awakenings don’t fully wake you up. But they stop you from getting restorative REM and deep sleep.

Over time, this sleep quality destruction takes a real toll on your health:

  • Skyrockets your risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke
  • Leaves you beat no matter how many sleeps you get
  • Messes with concentration, memory and performance
  • Makes you extra irritable, anxious and depressed

Yet most just accept this as part of getting older or being a light sleeper. Don’t just resign yourself to dangerous, crappy sleep! Custom oral appliances are the easy, comfy solution you deserve for sleep apnea symptoms.

Bulky CPAP Masks Aren’t Your Only Option

The most well-known apnea treatment is the CPAP machine. It blows pressurized air through a face mask to force open your airway while you sleep.

But good luck getting restful sleep with a bulky contraption strapped to your face all night! CPAP masks often create even more issues:

  • Uncomfy and annoying to wear
  • Leaks air and dries out your mouth/nose
  • Takes trial and error to adjust settings
  • Makes intimacy awkward
  • Disrupts sleep from mask discomfort and noise

Many CPAP peeps ditch it out of frustration, leaving their apnea untreated. But custom oral appliances are a simple alt that keeps your airway open minus the hassle.

These mouthpieces gently reposition your jaw and tongue to maintain an open, unblocked airway all night long. And they prevent all the CPAP problems!

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Made Just for You for Maximum Comfort

Oral appliances are custom created for your one-of-a-kind mouth structure using dental impressions. This custom fit makes them super comfy to wear in just the right spot.

They’re slim, lightweight gadgets that fit seamlessly around your teeth. Most forget they’re even wearing it!

Three common types are:

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs)

These gently pull your lower jaw forward to open up your airway space at the back of your mouth and throat. This stops the tongue and tissues from collapsing and blocking airflow.

Tongue Retaining Devices

These hold your tongue in place to prevent it falling back into the airway. Excellent if you have a narrow nasal airway or big tongue.

Oral appliances are way more comfy and hassle-free than CPAP. After a short adjustment period, most can sleep normally with the mouthpiece in place.

And oral appliances give you customization confidence. No more one-size-fits-all masks that never feel quite right!

Vivos Sleep Apnea Device

The Vivos appliance is a cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment for sleep apnea, designed to address the condition’s root causes. Unlike traditional sleep appliances or CPAP machines, Vivos provides a more comfortable, custom-fit solution that securely positions the tongue to prevent airway blockage.

Ideal for individuals with narrow airways or larger tongues, this oral appliance not only ensures a snug fit but also promotes normal sleep with minimal adjustment time. Unique in its approach, the Vivos treatment typically spans 12-24 months, targeting the underlying issues of sleep apnea for long-lasting relief.

Breathe Easy with Proven Effectiveness

Unlike over-the-counter mouthpieces, custom oral appliances are proven to effectively beat sleep apnea as a CPAP alternative. Studies show they:

  • Decrease apnea events by 50% or more
  • Normalize oxygen saturation levels
  • Restore restorative REM sleep
  • Eliminate loud snoring
  • Significantly lower blood pressure

In one study of severe apnea patients, the mandibular advancement device reduced events by a whopping 85%!

This led to major improvements in daytime sleepiness, mood and brain function. Imagine finally being able to think clearly and stay alert throughout your day.

While not as universally effective as CPAP, oral appliances work incredibly well for most mild to moderate apnea cases. Some even see complete resolution of sleep apnea symptoms. The best way to see what your needs are, you may consider taking a sleep apnea test.

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The First Step to Better Sleep and Health

At Dr. Azuma’s dental practice, we know you’re fed up with sleepless, suffocating nights from sleep apnea.

To restore peaceful sleep, you need a simple, comfortable treatment that works with your lifestyle.

The problem is bulky CPAP masks and painful surgeries just create more issues, leaving you exhausted and desperate for real solutions.

We believe quality sleep is essential for health and shouldn’t require complicated devices or procedures.

Here’s how it goes:

  • First, we take precise impressions of your mouth.
  • Next, we use these to craft a slim, custom-fit mouthpiece just for you.
  • Finally, we ensure a perfect fit that keeps your unique airway open for easy breathing all night.

Contact us today to reclaim deep, restful sleep with tailored oral appliances.

And in the meantime, take our sleep apnea quiz to determine if you’re at risk for sleep apnea. This way, you can stop counting the minutes to morning and instead awake feeling truly restored each day.

Schedule your free consultation today!


Can oral appliances completely cure sleep apnea?

For some people with mild sleep apnea, oral appliances can essentially eliminate all apnea events during sleep. But for more severe cases, the appliances help reduce events but may not completely cure apnea. They are an effective treatment option short of CPAP or surgery.

Do I have to wear an oral appliance every single night?

Yes, the mouthpieces work to keep your airway open at night, so you need to wear it consistently every night for the treatment to be effective. You shouldn’t skip nights or else your apnea symptoms will likely recur.

Can I talk or drink water while wearing an oral appliance at night?

You should not talk, eat, or drink while the mouthpiece is in place since this could displace it. Simply remove the device to talk or have some water, then put it back in before falling asleep again.

How do I clean and care for my custom oral appliance?

Use a soft bristle toothbrush with cool water – no toothpaste – each morning. Allow to fully air dry during the day. Soak 1-2 times per week in an over-the-counter cleaner made specifically for oral appliances.

Can I sleep in other positions besides my back with the oral appliance?

Yes, you can sleep in any position – back, side, stomach – with most oral appliances. Custom-made devices are designed to keep your airway open regardless of sleep position.

How long does it take to adjust to sleeping with the oral device?

It takes an average of 2-4 weeks to fully adjust to sleeping with the mouthpiece each night. At first it may feel bulky and obvious, but as your muscles and jaw adjust, it will start to feel more comfortable and natural.


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